About Us

colemanwaidesign is an internationaleyewear design house founded by Mr. Coleman Wai, a renowned Hong Kong eyewear designer, experienced product designer and art curator, and his creative and professional team. Keen on merging traditional wisdom with contemporary design concepts, colemanwaidesign focuses itself on bringing their customers an infinite variety of novel eyewear breaks away from everything that has ever existed. Our signature collections include “Prestige” – tailor-made bamboo eyewear and “Scholastic” – patent screwless eyewear. The brand begins with theexclusive philosophy of “We Wear What We Care”.

colemanwaidesign focuses itself on the following areas:

1. Developing and marketing its eyewear brands “colemanwai” and “urbamoptics”;

2. Managing the eyewear business  of “Infinite Sight Eyewear” in Hong Kong;

3. Providing customers with tailor-made eyewear service;

4. Providing businesses and organizations with eyewear design service &

5. Providing product design trainings and various design-related services.